Mary's Story

You want to experience intimacy and passion with your partner, but chronic pelvic pain has put a strain on your relationship. Doctors can’t find a solution. You feel frustrated and don’t know where to turn next. You probably think no one could possibly understand how you feel.

Mary Trevellyan suffered from chronic pelvic pain for 25 years. She suffered from a combination of provoked vestibulodynia, interstitial cystitis and endometriosis that caused her extreme pain with intercourse. She has been in your shoes and understands what it’s like to search for a solution for years and come up empty-handed. It’s why she developed a coaching program that provides women with much-needed medical resources, expert advice and community support.

After finding relief from her chronic pelvic pain in 2012, Mary created her groundbreaking coaching program, Beyond Pelvic Pain. She now helps women find medical solutions and healing much faster than she did. There’s no need to suffer any longer.

Mary was a modern ballet dancer before becoming a urology/oncology pharmaceutical representative, all while she struggled to figure out the cause of her pelvic pain. Because Mary found a way to heal against all odds, she now spends her time helping women solve their complex pelvic pain while rebuilding their self-esteem and enhancing their intimate relationships.

With her coaching program, women can experience healing faster and without wasting time and money on treatments that don’t work.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Relentless physical and emotional pain.
  • Doctors telling you there’s nothing physically wrong and the problem is “all in your head.”
  • Suffering through misdiagnosis and improper treatments.
  • Spending thousands of dollars on treatments that didn’t work or even made the problem worse.
  • Wasting hours on the internet searching for possible explanations and cures for your pain
  • Relationships with family, friends and partners are suffering because your entire life revolves around your pelvic pain
  • Inability to be physically intimate with a partner has caused you to withdraw from your romantic relationship
  • Severe depression and loss of self esteem as you start to believe you are “less of a woman” due to your pelvic pain

Mary discovered most medical professionals are still in the dark when it comes to women’s sexual pain, and as many as 40 percent of women who suffer from it won’t seek medical care.  Also, according to a leading pelvic pain expert, the average women with chronic pelvic pain sees between 7 to 10 physicians and spends up to $75,000.00 before she finds an accurate diagnosis.

It’s time to get the relief you deserve.

With the Beyond Pelvic Pain custom coaching you program, we will:

  • Pinpoint your exact type of pelvic pain.
  • Connect you with medical professionals who truly know how to treat pelvic pain.
  • Improve your self-care, self-esteem, and relationships as you move toward becoming pain free.