For Medical Professionals

Women who suffer from chronic pelvic pain often require as much emotional support as they do medical care. They may arrive at your office overwhelmed, exhausted and distraught after years of searching for a medical provider who could help. They’ve likely spent thousands of dollars on unsuccessful treatments. Their relationship with a spouse or partner is in shambles.

While you are doing everything you can to treat their physical condition, you may not have the time or resources to address their many emotional needs.

Beyond Pelvic Pain is a coaching program that gives women empowerment and community support so they can get the emotional support the need, realize they are not alone in their suffering and learn how to enjoy an intimate relationship again.

As a busy medical professional seeing dozens of patients each day, you don’t have nearly enough time to teach your patients all they need to know about their condition, its causes, and the full range of treatment options, let alone provide them with the emotional support they need.

Having suffered from chronic pelvic pain for 25 years, I truly understand how they feel. Because I, too, have lived through the personal, relational and career consequences of chronic pelvic pain, I can fully appreciate the nuances of support these women need.

After years of false starts, I finally found the right medical professionals who could accurately diagnose and effectively treat the sources of my pelvic pain. I have been pain-free since 2012.

Out of my experience, I developed Beyond Pelvic Pain to help other women find the resources and emotional support they so desperately need. I created this program with guidance from a physician and a psychologist, so it is thorough and medically supported.

If you have patients in need of emotional support from someone who has been in their shoes, please refer them to Beyond Pelvic Pain.

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