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Freedom from Pain during Intercourse

Coaching to manage and heal chronic pelvic pain

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Do you suffer from pelvic pain that doctors can’t seem to solve?

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What People are Saying

Mary gave me sound advice when I was making the decision whether or not to have surgery for my pelvic pain. I tried some of her suggestions and never ended up needing surgery. My life is better today because of the part Mary played during that difficult time.

Whitney H

As I spoke to Mary about my painful condition, it was instantly clear that she truly cared and was willing to answer any questions I had. I really appreciated her positive attitude and support toward me. It is not easy to deal with this kind of pain, and it is incredibly valuable to talk to someone who knows firsthand what I am going through and is able to walk me through the different treatment options. 

Heidi M

When I was first diagnosed with Vulvodynia, I was given Mary’s contact information by my vestibulectomy surgeon as a “must call”, because of how knowledgeable she is. He was completely right. Mary is an amazing resource for me regarding all things pelvic floor. Speaking to her was one of the best things I did in helping myself deal with Vulvodynia.

Bridget D

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Heal your pain. Improve your relationship.

You want to experience intimacy and passion with your partner, but chronic pelvic pain has put a strain on your relationship. Doctors can’t find a solution, so you continue to suffer. You’ve exhausted all your options and aren’t sure where else to turn. Your relationship is rocky and you feel frustrated and defeated. You deserve pain-free intercourse and intimacy.

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